Disintermediation and Politics

12/12/03 00:00:00    

By Michael Mealling

Again from Slashdot: An article in the Washington Post by Everett Ehrlich on the disintermediation that's happening in politics. Specifically that Dean's campaign has disintermediated the Democratic Party and that the only thing he's after is the brand name and the ballot access (which are the only things left of any value). While I can't stand Dean's politics, the effects of disintermediation are what allows the Internet to be such a disruptive and productive force. I wonder what its effect will be on the Republican Party?

This is why I constantly mix articles about Open Source management methods and business articles. The ability to disintermediate in the aerospace industry could easily be a much more fundamentally mind blowing enhancement to mankind's future than the Internet ever will. How different and amazing could our future be if we could somehow disintermediate NASA?

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