Rumors Of The ATFE Not Following Tripoli Safety Guidelines

12/17/03 00:00:00    

By Michael Mealling

Remember the news that the ATFE had purchased some J350s and were going to try and shoot down airborne targets? Well, here's a funny rumor: bq. ATF, through the USAF, hired an independent contractor to conduct some tests. ATF purchased a number of J350, G80s and other motors for these tests. They also purchased some kits from at least 2 manufacturers. The tests, being conducted here in Utah (off I80, north of mile marker 60) have been taking place most of November through last week.


Supposedly, they affixed a launcher in the back of a van and were launching from the van. As to why, we can only speculate. They also had numerous reloads in the same van while launching. One of the J350s catoed and ignited the rest, burning the van to the ground. (It did not blow up, it just burned up.) So much for hired experts who supposedly should know better.

Supposedly courtesy Bruce Kelly, former TRA president.

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