SpaceShipOne Breaks the Sound Barrier!!!

12/17/03 00:00:00    

By Michael Mealling

bq. Today, a significant milestone was achieved by Scaled Composites: The first manned supersonic flight by an aircraft developed by a small company's private, non-government effort. Privately Funded SpaceShipOne Breaks Sound Barrier

BusinessWire: SpaceDev Powers SpaceShipOne to Break Sound Barrier Flight on Historic 100th Anniversary of Wright Bros.

NBC4 TV, CA: Private Rocket Plane Goes Supersonic In Test

Slashdot: SpaceShipOne Rockets To 68,000 Feet

Associated Press: Private Rocket Plane Breaks Sound Barrier

KOMO 1000 News: Rocket Financed By Paul Allen Soars

Sydney Morning Herald: Spacecraft built on the quiet goes supersonic on its first solo flight

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