Surprise Guest: Lance Bass

10/08/04 00:00:00    

By Michael Mealling

Henry Vanderbilt is currently stalling while a “surprise guest” shows up. Lance Bass is here! He's been talking to kids about World Space Week and about Burt and the Xprize.

He's talking about the international aspect of space and the youth component (very much in line with the Space Generation group that does Yuri's Night).

I suspect we're going to get alot of this since we are near Hollywood.

Question: when are you going into space?

Answer: whenever I can. Something is in the works to make it pretty soon.

Question: from a marketing standpoint, what should we be doing to market to the segment that N'Sync was targeted at?

Answer: Make it cool and don't talk to the kids, talk with the kids. Its a conversation, not a lecture.

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