Companies That Should Exist

12/07/05 00:00:00    

By Michael Mealling

For my day job I get an in depth view into what the entrepreneurial space industry looks like. And I see gaps that need to be filled. If you or anyone you know is qualified to do or is already doing the following, please let me know:

  • **Space Education K-12 Fundraiser** There are large numbers of space related educational opportunities out there as well as a large number of sources for educational funds. Sadly finding funds to match a project is an extremely manual process that is often left to the educator.
  • **Space Media Channel Consultancy** There are growing numbers of media products that have a specific space theme. But figuring out who to market it to, how and in what package is difficult.Especially if you’re targeting non-traditional venues such as science centers, IMAX theatres, art houses, etc. Having someone who understands the various market segments (educational, scientific, scifi, etc) and how they’re changing would help all of us.

I'll post more as I can identify specific tasks that someone can wrap a business around. If you have any ideas or suggestions please forward them and I'll add it to the list.

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