Institute for Space Law & Policy is seeking a web designer

06/08/06 00:00:00    

By Michael Mealling

The Institute for Space Law & Policy is seeking a web designer who can help them establish the overall look, format, theme, brand identity, etc . As a virtual think tank, the website for the Institute will be the interface between Institute's team of space lawyers and the rest of the world, especially policy-makers and industry.

They are looking for someone who can:

  • Help with designing the overall “look”
  • Create template pages for a variety of subjects,
  • Help organize the basic menu structure
  • Create site maps that will be indexed properly by Google, etc.

They're looking for something whose content and quality is similar to or but but has a distinct brand (and not a clone). They currently have a potential graphic designer who will help on the branding project and produce small graphical elements like the logo and buttons. They also have someone who will help coordinate the project and put up content but cannot do the above tasks.

Interested parties should forward examples of their work to willjwatson at gmail dot com.

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