Remembering Margaret Thatcher

04/08/13 22:45:00    

By Michael Mealling

Margaret Thatcher died earlier today. I remember her entire time as Prime Minister and how it mirrored Ronald Reagan's time as President. The 80s were the time when I formed my personal politics so they were an integral part of it.

In the very early 80s I was very confused about politics and economics if I even paid attention. I knew I wasn't 'normal', though. I realized around 1985 that I was libertarian. But I still didn't understand the role of politics and leadership. I even paid stupid teenage lip service to the anti-Thatcher punk crap coming out of England.

I graduated high-school in 1987. The history that happened from 1986 to 1991 colored much of my life and through all of it two people continued to stand up and try to always do the right thing: Reagan and Thatcher. But even then I noticed that Thatcher stood her ground more firmly. One huge fault I have with Ronald Reagan is allowing US forces to be pushed out of Lebanon after the suicide bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. That act alone set the stage for much of what we are now dealing with in the Middle East. If Reagan and done what Thatcher did to Argentina we probably wouldn't have needed to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

So yea, the older I get the more of a fan I become of Margaret Thatcher. Very good job, Mrs. Thatcher. We will do our best to not go wobbly on you.

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