Fitting it all into your life

04/18/13 22:31:00    

By Michael Mealling

This week has been an interesting exercise in juggling personal priorities. Pipefish has had a good week. We're in the middle of our second sprint and things are looking good. Some tasks are coming in early and the team is gelling well.

At the same time an opinion piece about the Georgia spaceport I wrote was featured in the newspaper which resulted in several chances to educate key people about how important that is.

But at the same time Atlanta's Space App Challenge is this weekend and I wasn't able to help out. Next week is Big Data Week so that is going to suck up time.

Being CEO of Pipefish and President of the Georgia Space Society is a challenge. Doing everything you want to do and not doing them half-assed is exhausting and something else ends up suffering. If you aren't careful what suffers are the people you love.

So if I appear a bit frazzled from time to time I apologize in advance. I'm just trying to have it all, too.

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