A map of my LinkedIn network

04/27/13 23:51:00    

By Michael Mealling

This is a map of my 997 contacts on LinkedIn:

Poking around inside it I made a few observations:

1) The space community is very tightly self-connected

2) Myself, Stephen Fleming, Colin Ake, and Sean Mahoney are the only major connections between Atlanta and the new space industry. Yes, that is kind of obvious but its interesting to see it reflected so visually

3) There is little to no overlap between the people I've worked with at Georgia Tech and the people I met while I was working on my MBA.

4) There are two very interesting groups in the area between the Atlanta biz community and my former VeriSign and IETF colleagues. A few are COX and CAS Group people but also embedded in there are people who are just connectors in general. People with connections from all over.

5) This view is useful for finding connections you didn't know existed. For example, I found that Scott Henderson (Atlanta biz community) knows Blake Powers (space community).

You really should do this yourself. Just go to http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com/ and login using your linkedin account.

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