Pipefish by design

04/28/13 21:29:00    

By Michael Mealling

David Cummings' last two posts discuss optimal size and time frame. Part of my job as the guy running Pipefish is to do my best to organize and direct it with the resources I have.

Pipefish began in ernest October of last year. We have spent the last six months testing some of our hypothesis and validating user expectations with our Facebook MVP. We know have two developers plus myself. One is our Lead Designer and the other is Lead Developer. My technical job is building the analytic side of the business. We are very close to the MVP for that side of the business.

This summer we are augmenting our startup staff with interns. If we hit our milestones then we are well on our way to “humming”. But there are a lot of ifs on that road. A lot of sales calls and a lot of user tests. Wish us luck!

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