My problem with

05/02/13 23:29:00    

By Michael Mealling

Back in January I wrote about my basic disagreement with Since then they've simply doubled down on a commitment to a boring, government centered status quo that, in my opinion, is dangerous to human existence.

This thread is a good example of the futility of engaging them. Their view is a government centered one that, at my most gracious, smacks of European socialism. A centrally planned approach that doesn't work here.

Our country has historically been a capitalist system. Our private enterprise system has produced some of the greatest developments of the past few hundreds years. I'm the kind of American that embraces that history of capitalism and fights against socialist tendencies at every opportunity. And is an example of that centrally planned socialist tendency.

In a world such as ours, space is a resource we desperately need to develop economically. Our future survival depends on it. That's why I haven't engaged them and have discouraged others from doing so. Their view of how our space industry should be organized is fundamentally un-American. And that's dangerous.

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